Agile Coach - Scrum Master - Change Agent


Who am I?

I am an Agile professional who is passionate about getting the most out of people and teams. Getting organizations and individuals more agile, more customer oriented and creating high performing teams has become my personal mission over the years. My aim is to enable employees to be fully empowered and support self-selection on all areas within agile organizations.

I believe in stimulating and enabling continuous improvement and enjoy working in cross-cultural and virtual teams. Being part of international companies has provided me the opportunity to further develop my social and intercultural communication skills. This has allowed me to successfully work with several virtual teams over the years.

Due to my knowledge of working in virtual teams and cross-cultural management, I have also successfully worked in several international teams to provide IT solutions to their customers. I have not only helped organizations become more agile, I have even set up a fully functional Agile IT-development teams in India.

With a solid background in IT and deep understanding of telecom & banking industry, I’ve been able to provide practical advice in areas such as CRM, Social CRM, BPM and Change Management. With the addition of my current MSc Study in Business Administration with a specialization track in Change in Organizations, I am a great link which interacts with people, business and IT. These past experience have turned to be crucial in getting in touch and creating a trusted environment within changing environments.


How to reach me