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How To Handle Unplanned Work In Sprints for DevOps Teams

One of the many questions I get as an agile coach is “How to handle unplanned work in Sprints”. I really like this question coming from scrum teams. In an earlier post, I gave advice to the PO on how to create more insight into the Product Backlog. However, unplanned work is not always easy to […]

The Burndown Chart Reveals Many Secrets

The Scrum Guide does not mandate the use a burndown chart to monitor progress. Scrum requires only that Remaining work for a Sprint is summed up and made known on a daily basis and that trending toward completing the work of the Sprint is maintained throughout the Sprint (Scrum Guide). Although the Scrum Guide, even […]

What Do Bad Daily Scrums Reveal About the Scrum Process?

One of the most underestimated events in Scrum is the Daily Scrum. The Scrum Guide advised us to keep the Daily Scrum at a 15-minute timebox where the team members discuss what they realized yesterday, what are they going to realize today, and which impediments they face to reaching the Sprint goal. Although it seems […]

How to Create Insight Into Your Product Backlog

One of the important tasks of a product owner is to prioritize the backlog to deliver value. To cite the Scrum Guide “The product owner is the sole person responsible for managing the Product Backlog.” In order to be able to prioritize, the product owner must first have insight into the backlog. In one article by Venkatesh […]

Top 3 obstacles to product mastery and deliver business value in an Agile environment

In my work as an Agile coach, I often try to help product owners by comparing the work they do to how we act and behave in sports. Usually, sports metaphors are easy to understand and people can easily relate to them. So using sports metaphors often makes my life as an agile coach easier. […]