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No More Meetings, We Do Agile

Before the Agile invasion, organizations were already trying to become more efficient, be better employers for their employees, and add more value to their customers. Many training and workshops were provided on teamwork, being more effective in meetings, and as an individual. Unfortunately, the Agile journey has blindsided all of us, thinking we need to reinvent the wheel. I notice that many organization seem to forget all these learnings from the past when the Agile Transformation is in the picture. In this article, I will share my observation on one of the most prominent learnings organizations tend to forget once they go Agile.

How can you liberate a meeting without using Liberating Structures?

Although relatively new in the Netherlands, Liberating Structures (LS) has proven to be very popular. With a Meetup group reaching over 800 members in only one year, monthly meetups have to be organized across the Netherlands to meet the demand. Despite the popularity, I have heard some of my peers saying that they are bored using LS. I used to defend LS because I know there are many structures you can use, and more are under development to make it interesting in every situation. Furthermore, I believe in the power of LS to engage a group of people with the use of simple structures.

Three reasons to stop talking about time and deadlines in Agile environments

Timelines and deadlines have always been tricky for software development. With the advent of Agile software development and Scrum, they may feel even trickier. In this post, I explore how you can move the conversation from time and deadlines to something that matters: delivering value to your customers faster.

How standardization and using Agile frameworks can harm your organizational agility

Most organizations want to speed up their Agile transformation and embrace an Agile Scaling Framework to create standardization in processes and to be implemented as soon as possible. Be aware, this approach might harm your organizational agility!

Dear Product Owners, Need Help Managing Your Stakeholders?

“How to manage stakeholders” is one of the biggest challenges a Product Owner in an Agile environment faces when fulfilling her role. Especially as part of a scrum team, it is important to really engage both customers, and stakeholders to value. Communication and inspection during the sprint review and backlog management are vital to ensuring the engagement of the stakeholders and delivering value as desired by customers and stakeholders.